Landscape Software


Unrivalled Customer Service

Landscape specialises in property related systems. This means that all our attention is devoted to these systems and making sure that our clients get the best from them. We have an enviable track record of commitment to our software. Our deep experience of customer care means that we listen to what our clients say. We hear how we can make the software quicker, easier to manage, more usable, more efficient - and we react. If you'd like to talk to some of our clients to hear how we deliver, please contact us. Here's some quotes from users:

CGT Users

  • "Aviva Group Tax use Landscape primarily for calculating property capital gains for tax compliance and accounts provisioning purposes, as well as estimating the impact of potential disposals, across a number of property portfolios. We have received an excellent service and recently Landscape provided valuable assistance and advice, ultimately generating bespoke reports facilitating a simpler reporting process for a specific area of our business."
    Jonathan Priestnall, Aviva Group (Norwich Union)
  • "The Landscape capital gains system produces accurate figures quickly which enables us to advise the business as part of the decision making process rather than after the event. The HMRC trust the results which saves administration time by reducing enquiries."
    Chris Gill, Land Securities

SDLT Users

  • "Landscape is arguably the most user friendly piece of software I have used and the suppliers have been extraordinarily responsive and helpful in dealing with our queries."
    Julie Evans, Strategy and Finance, Hammonds
  • "Landscape has relieved our lawyers of many of the headaches involved in navigating the SDLT minefield. Not only is the software both easy to use and kept up-to-date, but the validation tool means that the chances of Returns being rejected by HMRC are much reduced. I have no doubt that the time savings are significant."
    Jackie Newstead, Partner, Lovells
  • "SDLT forms exist in a strange parallel universe. Code F is for a freehold - but a tenanted freehold must be treated as an assignment of a lease (code A). You must either put in the whole postcode or no postcode. On a code A transaction, details of extra freehold titles must go in the section of form SDLT 4 headed 'about leases'. All Northern Ireland addresses must include the county. There's no way a busy property lawyer can remember all these absurd 'rules' - but Landscape does."
    Johnny Kelly, Property PSL, Macfarlanes
  • "The Landscape software has made accounting for SDLT more robust and speedy. The templating facility, in particular, offers huge time savings when dealing with portfolios of properties."
    Tarnya Mason, Clyde & Co
  • "Landscape's SDLT forms software is so much easier to use than filling in the forms by other means. It saves us a great deal of time. The software is easy to use and the customer support is excellent. E-filing the forms using Landscape saves us even more time and means that we get an instant response from HMRC to say that a valid return has been safely received."
    Katharine Fenn, SNR Denton
  • "Landscape offers an efficient support network and package, with the validation process being invaluable."
    Shama Gupta, Senior Solicitor, Freeth Cartwright LLP
  • "We find that even junior, inexperienced fee earners can make a good first attempt at filling in the SDLT forms, using Landscape, and this saves on the amount of time which others need to spend in supervising them. The Landscape systems are very user-friendly."
    Peta Dollar, Decherts