Landscape Software


A different approach to SDLT

Most SDLT software products focus just on filling in forms: Landscape is the only package which addresses the whole life-cycle of SDLT from initial population of the forms, through validation and authorisation, managed submission, fully automatic filing and post-submission auditing. Our enthusiastic user base encompasses both the larger “household name” legal firms and many of the more go ahead smaller firms. Our focus is always on how we can save our clients time and money on performance and management of a process which they’d really rather not do!
Landscape will save you more than its annual cost in professional time year on year and help you to provide your clients with an SDLT service which is second to none. Please take the time to look at this website and contact us for more details.

Total flexibility

Landscape provides total flexibility for getting data into forms. You can, of course, type the data into a blank form, but you can also use one of our standard import options to pre-fill details from your case management system, use a template to fill in a user-definable selection of fields, copy a previous set of forms, or use our intelligent forms advisor to ensure you get the correct forms every time.
All your users, no matter what their level of skill and knowledge will benefit from Landscape’s “hot links” to the SDLT6 guidance notes and targeted FAQ pages.

You are in control

Landscape fully validates the data on your own computers before you submit anything. This completely preserves client confidentiality and keeps you in control. Our database technology ensures that the data within each form is validated and also checks consistency across forms, greatly reducing failed submissions.
Our fully managed electronic submission process with pro-active email-based response system allows you to get on with other fee-earning work whilst each submission processes in the background. Landscape is unique in that it also allows you to submit paper based forms from the same system, giving you full flexibility. Automatic payment reminders ensure that you submit the duty on time.

Compliance and proof

At each stage of the process Landscape automatically files away the documents and keeps a detailed audit log of everything that happened. Nothing is ever deleted. This, together with the ability to record notes, set reminders and attach supporting documents provides a complete audit trail to support any future HMRC investigation, and provides you with a complete “bible” of the process for your clients. Links to Document Management systems are also available.

A full SDLT management solution

The most important reason for using SDLT software is NOT because it helps with filling in the form! The main reason why you should use SDLT software is to manage the timely processing of the case and to ensure retention of evidence for the future. HMRC can investigate SDLT returns for years to come, and it is vital to retain all relevant data in an easily accessible form.
In Landscape we tackle process management and information retention in a number of areas:
  • Validation - in order to reduce the number of incorrect returns the system performs validation as specified by HMRC.
  • Supplementary forms - so that you're always reminded that a supplementary form may be needed, we automatically put them next to the relevant SDLT1 page for you to fill in if needed. This means you are reminded to fill them in when the information is to hand.
  • Schedules - for notifying HMRC of multiple-acquisitions and occupational leases are provided.
  • Audit Trails - every action taken on an SDLT return - creating, printing, updating, etc. - is user, date and time stamped.
  • Reminders - reminders can be automatically generated based on the dates or added manually to the system for a specific case. The reminders are emailed at the appropriate time. Reminders can be set up years ahead of the action if required.
  • Notes - notes can be attached to the return purely for internal use.
  • Document storage - documents of any kind can be stored safely alongside the return - plans, spreadsheets, agreements, etc. Links to leading document management packages are available.
  • Guidance notes - Landscape links at a field level to the latest available HMRC guidance, saving time and making it easier for occasional or new users to get to grips with SDLT.


Benefits for Lawyers

Landscape software is the SDLT system of choice for Law firms:
  • The product has been designed and refined based on our clients' real working practices.
  • The process has been designed to produce a complete return efficiently and quickly.
  • The risk is mitigated by use of validation and checking functions.
  • An audit trail tracks every input and identifies who did what.
  • Existing document management systems can be used alongside Landscape.
  • A full support programme updates the system to meet rapidly changing HMRC requirements.
  • An integrated reminder system automatically prompts for key tasks and actions, including emailing users with reminders.
  • Electronic submission offers almost real-time approval of submissions.
  • An active user group of fellow professional firms keeps the product at the cutting edge.
  • Full training course, user guide and training materials available
  • User references are available on request.


The only complete SDLT solution

Landscape is the only SDLT product available which attends to the whole of the SDLT process. This website can give you a flavour, but can’t show you the quality of the product, the breadth of its features, nor the dedication that we put into ongoing development and support. Get in touch with us on 01753 740102 or email us today. Thanks for visiting.