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Landscape Leases

Lawyers are often required to review lease information for due diligence purposes and to capture key facts so that a Property Management System (PMS) can be populated following completion of the transaction.
To date, the end result of this lease examination process has often been ad hoc Excel or Word documents. Whilst these are fine for general information and review purposes, any data contained within them commonly needs to be re-keyed into the client's PMS which is a potentially error-prone and always time-consuming process. In addition, the use of individual document-type technology makes it more difficult to share tasks, compare leases and see overall progress.
To address these issues, Landscape Leases presents a fully multi-user, browser-based system to assist with the task of lease creation and reporting. The system can capture and report upon both the text-based paragraphs for due diligence purposes and, crucially, the data-based information required for populating a PMS at the same time. The Landscape system still allows the lawyer to provide the skill and legal interpretation, but allows this legal intelligence to be captured in a highly flexible and multi-use form.
The Landscape Leases product is built using a comprehensive lease data model developed in conjunction with our major clients, which means that the system can capture all the required data. In addition, the flexible architecture allows users to add client-specific fields and commentaries as necessary. Landscape provides a standards-based XML output format (demonstrated live to major property companies and law firms at an event in 2011, where the same output file was imported into four PMS vendors' products) as well as an increasing number of bespoke outputs for customised PMS products.
The system is built on our well-proven technology platform in use at some of the UK's largest legal firms and property companies.

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