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The Case Management problem
There are many excellent specialist systems available to lawyers for Case Management (CM): some come with pre-defined workflows or contain tools to enable you or your consultants to create exactly the processes and document flows that you need for your, typically, high volume lines of business. Many assume that the operators of the system will have limited legal knowledge themselves and prescribe in detail the order in which stages must be completed, often preventing a matter from progressing unless it is in that pre-arranged order. But what about that one-off project or the types of transaction which are too complicated or variable in nature to have a completely prescribed workflow created for them? What about transactions with a very tight deadline which donít exactly fit in with a pre-defined workflow in the CM system? What about when the nature of a transaction changes, but your CM set up is not flexible enough to cope without expensive changes? These situations often require lawyers to fall back on manual processes, ad hoc spreadsheets or simply use the default features of a document management (DM) system to apply some measure of control.
The Inizio difference
Inizio has been designed with the mind-set that creating a template for your transaction should be no harder than creating a spreadsheet. Once created, this template can be re-used time and again, easily amended and re-saved as a new template.
Inizio has been designed to provide assistance to lawyers and knowledge workers without getting in their way and without requiring expensive or time-consuming consultancy to set it up.