Landscape Software


Heads of Terms

The Landscape Heads of Terms system provides a secure platform for all interested parties to capture and review pre-agreement lease data in a consistent and compliant way, generating high quality output in a variety of formats without any need to re-key or re-check data. Each party benefits in its own way, but all benefit from reduced workload, shortened overall transaction time, fewer queries and clearer contractual objectives feeding into lease creation.
  • The system is hosted securely on a “cloud” server and is accessible by registered users via a web browser.
  • Any party to the transaction can set up a new heads of terms and then invite others to join in the process. This gives flexibility for different scenarios within a transaction - for example, in-house or external asset mangers, tenant or tenant agent, etc.
  • Data entry can be centralised to one party, or parties can be invited to add or review their own data.
  • At all times, the system shows the current state of the process
  • A package of output documents is created for authorization, which can take place within the system if required.
  • Once authorized, a full package of information, including formal instructions is created for the lawyers.

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