Landscape Software


Capital Gains

Landscape calculates the chargeable gain or loss that arises on the disposal of an investment property. Particular computational features include:
  • 1965 and 1982 rebasing, with "kink" tests where no rebasing election has been made;
  • Indexation of every item of base cost expenditure, with restrictions where required;
  • Restriction of base costs of wasting assets, automatically generated on the basis of lease termination and disposal dates;
  • Calculation of part disposal factors where required and tracking of the unsold residue for subsequent disposals or part disposals;
  • Restriction of a loss as required by Section 41 TCGA 1992;
  • Contingent gain or loss calculations for individual or groups of properties;
  • Full ability for "what-if" disposal calculations;
  • Manual amendment of tax treatment where required.


Rollover and Holdover

Business asset roll-over relief lets you defer any capital gains tax due when you dispose of certain assets by using the proceeds of the sale to purchase new assets of the same or greater value. Landscape's rollover module features:
  • Recording of historic claims;
  • Matching of qualifying disposal proceeds with expenditure on replacement assets;
  • Restriction of the base cost of an asset in a gains computation;
  • Automatic crystallisation of heldover gains;
  • Multiple chargeable gains groups;
  • Optimisation routines to automatically create the most efficient rollovers.
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