Landscape Software


Property Taxation and Management

Landscape® is the UK's leading property tax, compliance and management system, cost-effectively bringing your property record-keeping under control.
  • Landscape SDLT - the simplest and cheapest way for lawyers to complete and handle Stamp Duty Land Tax forms.
  • Landscape Heads of Terms - a secure platform to capture and review pre-agreement lease data in a consistent and compliant way.
  • Landscape Leases - enables capture and processing of lease documentation with the minimum of effort and the maximum efficiency.
  • Landscape CGT - provides regular tax functions on demand and enables easy post-tax modelling of property transactions.
  • Landscape Inizio - high-end, light touch transaction organisation and management.

Easy to implement, Landscape is used by both household name companies and their advisors. Many clients find that their Landscape database has become their definitive property record source, storing tax and other information, documents and full audit back-up. Landscape combines detailed knowledge with leading edge technology to bring you the most cost-effective property systems available.
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